• Location Tracking

    mRunner keep track your path in real time with smart technology tracker that can self-identify whenever in rest to pause tracking.

  • Detailed Statistics

    For each path you recorded, you can preview your total distance, time, steps, calories or altitude with chart.

  • Set Goals

    All of your traces will be changed to points, if you reach to some milestones, you will receive new medal.

  • Social Sharing

    Share your traces on social network like Facebook, G+, Twitter or Email and view your traces in our website without mobile requirement.

  • Stay Motivated

    Invite and join challenges to receive workout rewards and share achievements with your friends.

  • Summary Statistics

    Summary statistics help to know how long distance and how much steps you done in month or lifetime.

mRunner - fitness tracker for running & cycling mRunner - fitness tracker for running & cycling mRunner - fitness tracker for running & cycling



Celebrate progress and compare point with your friends.


Manage your day in week and month to improve your practice.


Stay motivated over the long path with fun challenges, also challenge your friends or be challenged too.


Step and distance will be changed to points, reach milestones to achieve new medals.

Music playlist

Keep your moving with music, connect with google play music.

Optimizing Battery

Save the most battery for fitness tracker applications on market. Track all your workout without worrying about battery.

mRunner - fitness tracker for running & cycling

Fitness Tracking

Track your running, jogging or cycling using GPS and maps with smart optimizing battery. Report summary everything from calories burned to total steps or average speed.

  • Track and analyze your workout performances
  • Monitor your fitness progress
  • Use maps, time and distance with GPS sensor
  • Record calories burned

And more

Besides the common features, mRunner also gives you convenience by minimalist design. In addition, almost tracking applications in market have problem with battery, but with mRunner you do not need to worry about that anymore by integrating smart optimizing battery.

Finally, If you want to find an application for your fitness activities like walking, running, jogging or cycling, mRunner is one of the best choices in app store.

mRunner - fitness tracker for running & cycling
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